In this technologically advanced society in which the only thing that's consistent is change, with new apps, new devices, emerging technologies and more happening all the time, it's difficult for most people to keep up and know all that they need to know, gain a complete understanding, and then determine the best television solution for their family or business.

The Gr8r TV team strives to help our clients navigate through all of the confusion, chaos, and conflicting information about the newest and most amazing form of television- Internet TV.  Posted below are just a few of the many people we've helped get the ideal Internet TV solution. Click HERE to become our next success story!
Head Cutters Barbershop
Clarksville, TN

Head Cutters Barbershop needed a solution for offering a wider selection of TV entertainment for their customers and guests.  They were unhappy with the cable TV company, because the cable TV company was already charging them a lot for the package of channels they had, but most of the channels in the package were channels their customers didn't want to watch.  To get the few additional channels they REALLY wanted, the cable TV company was going to force them to upgrade to the next package, costing them more money and making them pay for more channels they didn't want, just to get the few they actually wanted.  So, Gr8r TV provided the ideal solution for them- Internet TV.  Now, they have a wider selection of TV entertainment at the barbershop, then most of their customers have at home, and they're saving a lot of money every month!

Greater St. James Baptist Church
Clarksville, TN

Greater St. James Baptist Church was seeking new ways to enhance their bible study, Sunday School and other educational programs, to attract more people, both youth and adults from the surrounding community.  The challenge was finding good teaching & learning material that was exciting, interesting and relevant, inspiring people to not only attend, but also pay attention.  Because of the many, many religious channels offering bible study type content, Internet TV was the ideal solution. So, Gr8r TV helped their Christian education ministry bring Internet TV into their classrooms and incorporate it into their bible teaching & training programs and activities.  Now, they not only watch Internet TV, but they're also watching their attendance increase, and their members get excited about learning more about God!

Help Construction, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Darian Perkins, a entrepreneur and business owner, hated the poor customer service, high bills, and lack of flexibility of his cable TV service provider.  His construction business keeps him on the go, traveling from one construction site to another, keeping him away from home- away from his flat screen HD TV.  So, Gr8r TV helped him switch from cable TV to Internet TV.  Now, he's saving over $100.00 per month ($1,200.00 per year), and he watches his favorite TV shows and movies "on-the-go" on his tablet and smartphone!

The Richardsons
Clarksville, TN

Since loosing her job, Mrs. Richardson could not afford to continue paying the high cost of satellite TV, but she loved her TV entertainment with all the TV shows, movies, etc, and really didn't want to give it up.  So, Gr8r TV helped her and her family switch to Internet TV.  Now, she has 28 of the most popular Cable TV channels, over 40 free movie channels, and more for only about $30.00 per month!

Tonya Johnson
Clarksville, TN

Tonya was tired of paying so much money to the satellite TV company every month and started looking for a better, more affordable alternative to satellite TV and cable TV.  So, Gr8r TV helped her and her family switch to Internet TV.  Now, Tonya enjoys 28 of the most popular Cable TV channels, and her kids enjoy many kids entertainment and educational channels, and she's saving over $150.00 per month!

Sam Jones
Clarksville, TN

Sam loves watching TV, but hates spending so much money each month on cable TV.  He and his wife really wanted to switch to a more affordable option, but didn't want to have to give up their favorite shows and channels.  The main challenge was Sam didn't consider himself to be very "techno savvy" and was reluctant to switch from what he was used familiar with to something total new and different in terms of technology.  So, Gr8r TV "held his hand" and helped Sam make the switch to Internet TV.  Sam says "it's a total new experiences and that it was a challenge re-learning the way you change channels and watch TV, but it was worth the conversion for all the money we are saving just to watch TV". Sam also said that he likes the fact that now he can spend that extra money on other valuable things, than just flushing it down the toilet on something that he doesn't even own, and his wife Becky loves the cooking, gardening, and home decorating channels!

Tony & Dee Landers
Clarksville, TN

Tony & Dee love to travel- and do it a lot, but when they travel, they miss their favorite TV shows.  So, Gr8r TV helped them switch to Internet TV.  Now, when Tony & Dee travel, they simply take their TV with them, from their home, to their car or to their camper and even to their hotel room!  Now, when they travel, they never miss any of their favorite shows, regardless of where they are- and they're saving a lot of money!

Pastor Jerry & Lady Naomi Jerkins
Clarksville, TN

Pastor Jerry & Lady Naomi Jerkins were not only unhappy about paying their high cable TV bills, but, now that they were retired and had more time to watch TV, they couldn't find the kind of content they wanted.  So, Gr8r TV helped them make the switch from cable TV to Internet TV.  Now, they are saving over $100.00 per month ($1,200.00 per year), they have all the Internet TV channels they want, they can watch TV anywhere they want- on their flat screen TV, on their old TVs (they keep holding on to those old things), on their laptop and tablets, and on their smart phones; and they can watch TV whenever they want- with the DVR and all the "on-demand" content, they never miss a show!
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