Gr8r TV is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals escape from the high cost and many limitations of traditional "old" school forms of television, enabling them to switch to Internet TV and gain all of the many advantages, benefits, features, functionality and capabilities available through this new and revolutionary television technology.

Our Solution & Setup Services is designed to make the switch to Internet TV simple, easy, and convenient for those who are too busy to do the research as well as those who are not "tech savvy".  Please read more about our services below or click HERE to switch to Internet TV today!

We provide our service in two steps, to ensure you have an excellent experience with Internet TV and ensure you get the right Internet TV channels, equipment and any special services you may need.

We will provide expert technical advice, guidance and information to help you select the Internet TV channels, equipment and any special services you need to meet your particular needs, requirements and specifications.  We also guide you in resolving any issues that may negatively effect your experience with Internet TV, such as your Internet connection speed, wi-fi signal, your television sets and other viewing devices (like your tablet or smartphone).  We our expert help, you'll avoid frustration, confusion, and the waist of your time and your money.  Once we complete the Solution step with you, you'll be ready to move on to the next and final step- which is Setup.

We will setup your Internet TV system for you, including your Internet TV channels, your Internet TV equipment, and any special services you require.  We handle all of the technical stuff for you, including activating your Internet TV channels, integrating your Internet TV channels with your Internet TV equipment, configuring your Internet TV equipment, and activating, configuring and integrating any special Internet TV services you require.  As soon as we complete the Setup process, you'll be watching whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want on your new Internet TV system!
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