There are three (3) types of fees and charges associated with Internet TV through Gr8r TV, which are 1) solution & setup fee, 2) subscription fees, and 3) equipment purchase fees.  The Solution & Setup Fee is the one-time fee you pay Gr8r TV for our expert technical assistance. Subscription Fees are the monthly fees you pay the Internet TV channel service providers to view their channel(s).  The Equipment Fee is what you pay a retail store, dealer or distributor to purchase your Internet TV equipment. 

Posted below is a detailed description of these three (3) types of fees.  Click HERE to get Internet TV for your business or home today!

We charge a one-time Solution & Setup Fee to 1) provide expert technical advice, guidance and information to help you select the Internet TV channels, equipment and any special services you need to meet your particular needs, requirements and specifications; and 2) setup your Internet TV system for you, including your Internet TV channels, your Internet TV equipment, and any special services you require.

$100.00 / 1st TV set
$25.00 / each additional TV set

$150.00 / 1st TV set
$50.00 / each additional TV set


$30.00 Per Month

The Multi-View Subscription includes twenty-two (22) cable TV channels, and six (6) broadcast TV channels.  You can watch on up to four (4) TV sets simultaneously, as well as on your tablet, computer or smartphone, at any time, in any location with a high speed, broadband wi-fi Internet connection.  Local TV news is not available through Internet TV.

$30.00 Per Month

The Single View Subscription includes over forty (40) cable TV channels, over thirty (30) American and International sports channels, six (6) broadcast TV channels, and over six (6) movie channels, and over eighty (80) International TV channels.  You can only watch on one (1) TV set at-a-time.  You can watch on only one TV set at-a-time, and you can not watch on any tablet, computer or smartphone.

Free - $12.00 Per Month

For On-Demand TV Channels, you pay a low monthly subscription for unlimited viewing of a large library of movies and TV shows on your TV set, tablet, computer and smartphone.  The "free" On-Demand TV Channels are "ad supported", which means you will have to watch advertisements along with the main content.


"Live" Streaming TV Channels are "free", so there are no fees or charges for watching "Live" Streaming TV Channels like Ustream, Livestream, Justin.TV, Veetle, Camcada, Bambuser, etc.  "Live" Streaming TV Channels are usually "ad supported", which means you will have to watch advertisements along with the main content.


You pay for Pay-Per-View TV on a "per viewing" bases, so you only pay for what you actually watch, on a "per viewing" basis.  There are no monthly subscription fees associated with watching Pay-Per-View TV.  Vudu, Google Play and iTunes are popular sources of Pay-Per-View movies and TV shows.

Movies & TV Shows  $3.00 - $10.00 per viewing
"Live" Events  $15.00 - $75.00 per event, per viewing

$50.00 - $100.00

In order to watch Internet TV on any of your TV sets, you will need to purchase an Internet TV streaming device.  One Internet TV streaming device supports one TV set at a time, unless special wiring and infrastructure is installed at your office or home.  Internet TV streaming devices are very portable, and can be easily moved from one TV set to another as needed.  So, there is no need to purchase more than one Internet TV streaming device, unless you need to be able to watch Internet TV on more than one TV set at the same time.  Internet TV streaming devices work on any high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection, so there's no wiring or cabling to install, no holes to drill in your walls or floors, and no install technicians to interrupt your home or place of business.  The cost to purchase an Internet TV streaming device normally ranges from $50.00 to $100.00, depending on the Internet TV channels you need for your business or home.  The cost to purchase a Internet TV streaming device is a "one-time" cost, and you own the equipment for life (no renting or leasing).
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