Internet TV empowers you with access to more TV channels, with more content, in more genres, formats and languages than ANY other type of television- more than cable TV, satellite TV or digital TV!  With Internet TV, you have access to all the cable TV channels, broadcast TV channels, on-demand TV channels, "live" real-time TV channels, and pay-per-view channels you could ever want, need or dream, on ONE single platform, in ONE single TV entertainment system!

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Internet TV empowers you to watch many popular cable TV channels in real-time, without the cost and complication of going through your local cable TV company.  Now you can enjoy 22 cable TV channels on multiple TV sets, tablets and smartphones simultaneously for only $30.00 per month; or enjoy over 40 cable TV channels, 30 American & International sports channels, over 6 movie channels, and over 80 International TV channels on one single TV set for only $30.00 per month!  With Internet TV, there are NO contracts, NO holes to drill in your floors or walls, and NO late fees or cancellation fees- you just watch what you want, when you want and where you want!   Click HERE to get your ideal Internet TV solution today!


Internet TV empowers you to watch national programming on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS and CW in real-time, on your tablet or smartphone, as well as any TV set (old or new).  Now, you can watch your favorite TV show or catch the game regardless of where you are- at work, at school, on vacation, at the kids' ball practice, etc!  With Internet TV, you'll never miss another TV show or game- every again!  Click HERE to get your ideal Internet TV solution today!


Internet TV empowers you to pay a low monthly subscription for unlimited viewing of a large library of episodes of popular TV shows, blockbuster movies, music videos, and thousands of videos on any topic, subject or special interest you could ever want, need or dream!  Internet TV offers over 1,500 on-demand type TV channels on your TV set, tablet, or smartphone and you can watch on multiple devices simultaneously!  Click HERE to get your ideal Internet TV solution today!

Comedy On-Demand Channels
Comedy channels offer stand-up acts by today's hottest comedians, prank videos, humorous animated shorts, full-length comedy movies, and much more.

Educational On-Demand Channels
Educational Channels offer tutorial videos for students of all ages, content from education institutions, foreign language instruction, test prep, and information of interest to educators at all levels.

Fitness On-Demand Channels
Fitness Channels provide workout videos for any level of fitness, and offer instruction in yoga, weight training, pilates, and many other techniques for both the mind and body.

Food On-Demand Channels
Food Channels offer detailed instructional videos for every type of food imaginable, along with cooking tips and information on wine and other drinks.

Games On-Demand Channels
Games Channels offer fun for the solo player and the entire family, with children's games, puzzles, arcade games, classic games, and home versions of TV game shows.

International On-Demand Channels
International Channels feature news, movies, and TV broadcasts from around the world.

Kids & Family On-Demand Channels
Kids & Family Channels include content for the entire family, from baby nursery rhymes and children's sing-alongs, to family-friendly movies and instructional parenting videos.

Lifestyle On-Demand Channels
Lifestyle Channels help you improve your life, offering tips on fashion and beauty, crafting, healthy lifestyles, home organization, and design.

Movies & TV Shows On-Demand Channels
Movies & TV Channels offer the widest and most diverse selection of movies and TV shows, in every genre await you, from silent films to current blockbusters and today's hottest series.

Music On-Demand Channels
Music Channels feature popular streaming apps along with music videos and radio stations in every imaginable genre, including classics and today's greatest hits, from indie artists and the hottest stars.

News & Weather On-Demand Channels
News & Weather Channels bring you local newscasts as well as national and international news and around-the-clock weather reporting and forecasts.

Science & Technology On-Demand Channels
Science & Technology Channels offer the latest in tech news, scientific discoveries, gadget reviews, and instructional videos.

Sports On-Demand Channels
You'll find every sport imaginable on the Sports Channels, including professional, college, high school, and amateur team and individual sports, along with outdoor activities like fishing and hunting!

Religious On-Demand Channels
Religious Channels offer sermons from nationally-known preachers and ministries, pre-recorded worship services, and religious instruction from a wide range of faiths.

Special Interest On-Demand Channels
Special Interest Channels represent a very broad array of niche categories that defy classification. Regardless of how unique your special interests are, there's a channel that's just ideal for you!

Shopping On-Demand Channels
Shopping Channels include popular cable networks that let you shop for the latest goods from the comfort of your own home or office!

Travel On-Demand Channels
Travel Channels offer advice and videos about the world's most popular tourist destinations and off-the-beaten-track adventures!


Internet TV empowers you to watch "live" broadcasts of sports events, concerts, breaking news, etc, in real-time, as they are actually happening, from anywhere around the globe!  You can watch local, national and international sports events, news coverage of natural disasters, and "live" shows of all kinds, including comedy shows, fashion shows, and more!  It's the next best thing to being there yourself in-person at the time of the event, but with the big advantage of being able to watch from the comfort and convenience of your big screen TV, tablet or smart phone!

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Internet TV empowers you to buy a ticket and get your own personal front row "virtual" seat at major sports events, music events, and various entertainment venues, from around the world- all without ever having to leave the comfort and convenience of your home!  Just whip out your credit card, reserve your "virtual" seat, and enjoy your event, on your big screen TV, tablet or smart phone!  You can also select and watch current and newly released blockbuster movies from the comfort of your home or on a tablet or smartphone, in any location with high speed wi-fi Internet!

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