Gr8r TV is a team of geeks and nerds specializing in helping businesses and families migrate away from old, obsolete forms of television to the new and amazing form of television- Internet TV!

We provide expert technical advice, guidance and information, helping our clients get the ideal Internet TV solution. We provide expert technical assistance on the setup of Internet TV systems.  We also provide expert technical support, helping our clients with upgrades, adding new devices, troubleshooting, etc.

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Gr8r TV was started by two very close brothers from Clarksville, TN, Jeffrey Jerkins and his younger brother, Marc Anthony Jerkins.  Marc Anthony brought his kids home to "grandma's house" in Clarksville from Atlanta for Easter spring break 2015.  While they were sitting around the breakfast table one morning, the brothers' retired parents, Pastor Jerry & Lady Naomi Jerkins, expressed how frustrated they where about their high cable TV bill, how they were paying for channels they didn't want, and shared concerns about how hard it was to find good clean content that they, their grand kids and great grand child could watch and enjoy.  Jeffery and Marc Anthony instinctively knew what to do to help their parents, and they immediately left the table to make it happen!

The brothers decided to team up and switch their parents from their old, expensive and obsolete Cable TV service, to the to the new and amazing form of television- Internet TV!  They bought the best Internet TV streaming devices for their parents, improved their parents' home Wi-Fi signal, and subscribed to all of the ideal Internet TV channels their parents could ever want, need or dream!  Now, their parents are saving over $100.00 per month ($1,200.00 per year), they have all the Internet TV channels they want, they can watch TV anywhere they want- on their flat screen TV, on their old TVs (they keep holding on to those old things), on their laptop and tablets, and on their smart phones; and they can watch TV whenever they want- which is important, because they're still very, very active in the Clarksville community.

After seeing how happy their parents where with their new Internet TV service, the Jerkins brothers knew that they were on to something!  Both brothers had been using Internet TV in their homes for many years, but they had never thought about helping other people switch to Internet TV, until the experience with their own parents.  That "close to home" experience opened their eyes to the fact that many, many people, like their parents, need a better TV solution, and Gr8r TV was born!

Now, Jeffrey and Marc Anthony are working day and night helping families and businesses all across the country make the switch from cable and satellite TV, to the new and amazing form of television- Internet TV!



Jeffrey Jerkins is a technical expert on coax cable TV and satellite TV technology.  For over 20 years, Jeff has served multiple cable TV and satellite TV companies, including Comcast, Charter Communications, New Wave Communications, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Bellsouth, Direct TV, Niacom, Mediacom, Dish Network, Viacom, Cablecom, Hughesnet, Media One, and others throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.  His expert knowledge and skills is the result of working in the cable TV industry as a install technician, service & repair technician, disconnections technician, surveyor, as well as supervisory positions.

Now, through Gr8r TV, Jeffrey is using his technical expertise to help businesses and families switch to Internet TV, so they can save money, stop paying for channels they don't want, stop missing their favorite TV shows, and have the freedom and control to watch whatever TV shows, news, sports, movies and other entertainment they want, whenever they want to watch, and wherever they want to watch (on their big screen, tablet, smartphone, etc)!


Marc Anthony (known around Clarksville as "Jerald" and everywhere else as "Marc Anthony") is the president & CEO of Gr8r Technology.  Through Gr8r Technology, Marc Anthony has helped thousands of cable TV business customers get the "add-on" services they needed, but couldn't get from their cable TV customers.  Since 2007, more and more businesses have subscribed to cable TV companies (like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, etc) for phone & Internet service, instead of traditional phone companies (like AT&T, Centurylink, etc), but cable TV companies lack many of the features that are available through traditional phone companies.  This gap in features in the services offered by cable TV companies created a big demand for "add-on" services, like auto attendants, business class voicemail, vanity phone numbers, RCF-Remote Call Forwarding, and more.  For over eight years now, Marc Anthony and his team have been filling-in the gaps for the business customers of cable TV companies. 

Due to the increasingly high demand for "add-on" services from cable TV business customers, and the growth and expansion of Gr8r Technology into other areas of technology, Marc Anthony re-structured the firm, and created a new division called Gr8r Tech Now (www.Gr8rTechNow), to focus totally on developing and deploying "add-on" services for cable TV business customers.  Marc Anthony and the Gr8r Tech Now continue to work closely with cable TV account executives and their customers to ensure that businesses and organizations using phone & Internet services from a cable TV company get all of the "add-on" features, functionality and capabilities they need to succeed!
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